A rarely undaunted, often anxious, sometimes adventurous, but always curious traveler. I  try to be as open to new experiences as my anxiety-laden self can tolerate. But I draw the line at eating strawberries! I have climbed the great wall, took the train from beijing to moscow, slept in the red desert of Jordan, crawled my way up the temples of Petra, stood in the freezing cold to see the aurora. This is another attempt to chronicle those experiences.

I’m not as hardcore in this experiencing the world thing as i would like to be. That’s probably due to my being a control freak. I don’t have stories of spending the night in jail in the middle of who-f***ing-knows-where. Or getting thrashed in some seedy bar with questionable company. But I do have stories of getting lost and getting oh-shit lost. Of meeting people, experiencing places, and getting completely blown away. So read on. I’ll see you in that beautiful somewhere.


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