Seattle in my mind

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my romance with seattle wasn’t love at first sight. it’s a slow process of brewing interest; of getting to know corners and quirks; of getting lost only to stumble upon something nice. unfortunately, it ended too quickly that i’m not sure if i’m quite there yet; if i’ve actually fallen off the edge. but it sure piqued my interest making me want to see more.

the hills of seattle greatly reminded me of SanFo- a city which i tremendously adore. But where SanFo is all sunshine and warmth, Seattle is dark and mysterious. And no, i don’t mean dark to be anything bad. In fact, it’s one of the things that make Seattle’s character stand out.

the port

I’ve noticed that the city’s dark mystery work for people inclined to the arts. The music scene, in particular, is thriving in this city. Impressive street performers are everywhere. The city has a long legacy of world-famous acts like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana among others. This city inspires talents not only from the music world but different fields as well. Being inclined to the arts myself, the city has a certain draw that tugged at my heart strings. There’s this cloud hanging over Seattle that makes me want to simmer in melancholy and write about loneliness and long forgotten pasts.

street art theater

Winter in Seattle is a comfortable cuddling weather. Be wary when travelling to Seattle during the colder months. the temperature and cloudy atmosphere makes one want to stay under the blanket all day and forego any thought of sightseeing. Couple this weather with a good book and a cup of joe from one of the city’s many (and I really mean MANY) coffee shops and you’ve got yourself a retirement! The city is surrounded by mountains and woods which makes for a relaxing environment. Outdoor activities include hiking, fishing, and camping.


Downtown Seattle is relatively small and one onlyneeds aday or two to visit its landmarks. Pike Market Place is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Having fish hurled across you is quite the entertainment. It is a bustling place that sells anything and everything. If you’re one for cooking, then Pike’s fresh produce would be a hit for you.


But those not interested in cooking should still visit Pike just to look around and see the various products sold from food to artworks. Lowell’s inside Pike would be a good place for brunch and gives an awesome view of the port. I particularly enjoyed their clam chowder and hashed potatoes. After brunch, you can head for coffee in the 1st ever Starbucks store just across the market.

IMG_4508IMG_4510the first starbucks

Right beside the market is the (in)famous gum wall, considered the 2nd grossest tourist attraction in the world. It’s basically a wall filled with thousands of chewed gum. It’s just one of those things that are so crazy they’re awesome.

gum ahead gum sweet and gross

Sunsets are best spent at Kerry park where you can get a great view of downtown Seattle. The sight as the setting sun casts shadows along the city’s Space Needle and other highrises with Mt. Rainier in the background is one to behold.

seattle space needle

One can also witness as Seattle comes to life with city lights starting to brighten.

IMG_4706 IMG_4737 IMG_4781 IMG_4683 IMG_4788

Aside from the good city view, the area surrounding the park would be a great place to visit for anyone interested in architecture.

the white house

Nights in Seattle could be spent in any of the Jazz bars in the city, sampling the music that this western city offers. Or one could laugh away the night at one of Seattle’s many comedy bars. For those more interested in a quiet evening, dinner at the Space needle’s revolving restaurant would be a good idea. The food is amazing but the view is even better!

Seattle is a good place to visit. But it seems a better place to live in. Seattle houses a lot of stunning houses from quiant little structures to mansions to floating homes! It isn’t as crazy as New York and not as quiet as some quintessential small town. Seattle provides a poetic balance between city living and being close to nature. But we can only hope it stays that way.

Before leaving for home, I made sure to get myself a box of the famous Fran’s chocolates. The salt caramels were to die for!  Now that’s indulging… like a boss!


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