Japan in monochrome

So I’ve been in a kind of slump lately. I have a pile of pictures to sort and a few notes left unfinished. I’ve been too busy with my job and the hunt for said job’s replacement that finding time and inspiration to do other things is almost an impossible task. so to get over this funk, i thought of posting something (anything really) to, y’know,  get me back on track.


I’ve been in japan for almost 5 years. I’ve had a lot of oh-shit moments in this place than my whole life combined. gotten lost (literally and figuratively) countless of times. found my way back, with some unexpected detours of course. Japan is a great place to visit. its many quirks will surprise you at every turn. it doesn’t have a lot of natural wonders but it more than makes up for it with its superb cities.

some days, i consider it a great luck to be in this place. then there are days when i hate it with every fiber of my being. but having lived here for so long, it’s probably the familiarity that makes some things a wee bit annoying.

so every time I’m feeling that all-too-familiar seeds of hate inside, I probably should try to remember the best things I’ve seen and experienced here to remind me of how lucky I am to have had this chance.

i’ll write more about specific places to see and do when in japan next time. some off-the-beaten places maybe. and yeah, some tips on how to travel around japan without breaking your bank account.


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