Hello world!

Not all those who wander are lost.

I’ve been to a few places here and there in the past 3 years. I’ve been wanting to write about these places but i couldn’t seem to find the time nor the inspiration to start writing. Yes, i need lots of inspiration to be able to write a good decent travel piece. I have been writing since 10 but i can’t seem to get into the groove of travel writing. I write mostly about feelings and thoughts and ideas but never about sights, taste, colors. I feel that i am not equipped with enough words to describe places and people. I fear that i will not do justice to every place encountered and experience gained.

how does one describe a particular fond memory of an early morning sky? if i say blue, i fear that it may not convey the exact blueness that makes that particular morning sky memorable. or how does one explain how hot a place is during the summer. would saying hot suffice to explain the scorching heat one goes through when walking around the city streets of bangkok on a sunny april afternoon. how do you differentiate it with the moist and heavy heat of New York on a clear summer day or the packed, feverish swelter of a train ride in tokyo during an august morning rush hour.

and so i put writing off to another time. and soon enough i forget about those places and people and experiences. i have tons of pictures with silent memories of train rides, long walks, and idle moments. i have scattered notes about getting lost, and great finds. but all these are left to gather dust. and it’s a waste of good travel life experiences if left to rot in some “for sorting” folder in my desktop.

and so here is my nth attempt to put to writing memories gathered from all my wanderings. some taught me valuable life lessons. some are just amusing. but everything has contributed to shaping who i am and what i value now.


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