that day i learned to carpe that freakin’ diem

so one day i decided to seize the day. and from quitting my job to going on an epic 3 month sojourn outside my comfort zone, boy did i seize that day! now looking back, here are some thoughts after my few months in between somewhere and everywhere. ———————————————————————– What do you learn from traveling that … More that day i learned to carpe that freakin’ diem

Kingdom of Jordan

Spring 2013. Being in Jordan is like being in an entirely different world. And boy, do I love every nook and cranny of that world! It is like a pack… err no, make it a ton of pop rocks- sweet with justenough sizzle. Charming and exciting. Wild and breathtaking. Quaint with a hint of egdy … More Kingdom of Jordan

Seattle in my mind

my romance with seattle wasn’t love at first sight. it’s a slow process of brewing interest; of getting to know corners and quirks; of getting lost only to stumble upon something nice. unfortunately, it ended too quickly that i’m not sure if i’m quite there yet; if i’ve actually fallen off the edge. but it … More Seattle in my mind